Transformers and Immigration Consultants is a registered consultant and would like to share the following service terms and conditions of our services:

1.) No immigration service is a guaranteed process.

2.) Immigration rules are not controlled by any immigration consultant or individual.

3.) The decision of the visa officer on your immigration case is solely dependent on his review of your file and Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants is not responsible for any refusal or rejection of the case in any manner

4.) The service fee once paid for any service is purely non-refundable in any nature or circumstances.

5.) The client shall take full responsibility for the documents provided for any immigration process; be it a permanent residence, study visa, parent visa, spouse visa, or tourist visa process.

6.) Any discrepancy in the client documents is solely their responsibility and any negative impact due to the documents is to be borne by the client solely.

7.) All the immigration process-related services are to be paid by the client only.

8.) Any changes in the immigration fee are the client's responsibility to bear and Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants is not responsible to bear any difference in the fees shared at the time of counseling as against the time when it becomes payable to embassy as per timelines.

9.) If the client or their family member(s) are unable to pass the medical examination or any other security requirement of the High Commission, Transformers Immigration and Education consultant is not responsible or liable to refund any fee or be responsible in any manner.

10.) The service once registered for a particular client, is not transferable in nature to any other client. If the client wishes to, he may pay the additional fee after duly being considered by Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants. However, no refunds will be entertained for any withdrawal made voluntarily.