9.1                                             The company does not entitle to any refund once paid for, as the services of the company are only for professional Services.

9.2                                             Once the client retains the services of the company and withdraws the services from the company due to any Personal reason he/she would not be entitled to any refund.

9.3                                             The client is paying for the consultation services only and whatever may be the result the client is not entitled to any refund.

9.4                                             No refund if the client fails to clear the interview of the university or the immigration authority if any.

9.5                                             The company shall not be entitled to give any refund if the client does not clear the medicals done by the Immigration authorities’ approved panel physician.

9.6                                             If the case is rejected by the immigration authority due to negligence of the client that he or she provided the Fake documents and the background check was negative and the case being rejected, TIEC will not refund any amount paid by the client for the consultation services to the firm.

9.7                                         The agreement is not binding on TIEC for any representation for the client.

9.8                                         Once the service is started, the client is advised not to consult any other immigration consultant as that creates confusion and chaos in the process.

9.9                                         TIEC always welcomes new and updated information related to processes, but please ensure that is from a trustable source, else such things may cause confusion. In such a case, TIEC is not liable for any compensation.

9.10                                    If the applicant does not get selected in the monthly draws of CIC due to the ever-changing and unpredictable nature of draws for selecting candidates.

9.11                                    Our Assistance and role are valid only till the visa decision is made. If the client is unable to honor the timelines for travel and submission of documentation as and when asked, then it is the client’s responsibility and they will have to abide by instructions and make travel arrangements on their own as per visa/entry deadlines. If they are not able to do so due to any personal reasons, they cannot negotiate on such terms with the service provider for any responsibility-sharing of the said reason mentioned above as visa rules are not guided or under the control of any consultant or individual. Hence, the entire call or responsibility lies on the client and the service provider is free from any liability occurring from not fulfilling or adhering to the embassy terms and conditions.