Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants is one of the best Canada Immigration consultants in Panchkula

What our identity is?

We are capable experts, who have acquired knowledge with a portion of the notable brands of the migration business. We have an encounter of 5 years in the migration vertical, 2 years experience in abroad schooling administrations and carry a 3+ years experience in IELTS instructing and trainings. We are committed experts who consider and act as per a 360 degree approach for our customer's requirements. We comprehend that it being quite possibly the main choices of life should go very much arranged.

Serving the business as experts since 2012, we endeavor to give the best instructing to applicants searching for IELTS/PTE preparing. Our wide industry experience in training has empowered us to provide food the best configuration of IELTS/PTE material which could be effectively perceived and actualized by anybody looking for help for scoring great groups for their abroad cycle.

Distance isn't an issue with regards to granting information.

Our ONLINE IELTS TRAINING SESSIONS come convenient for understudies and experts who are eager to invest the additional exertion and learn at the simplicity of their place. We give most recent material to IELTS ACADEMIC AND IELTS GENERAL TRAINING and timetable FEEDBACK AND DOUBT SESSIONS ONLINE according to the understudy's timetable and necessities. We guarantee that each idea is surely known in order to make progress in your IELTS assessment. We survey an understudy according to their present correspondence level and give need-based practice material that supports the trust in them to make the ideal progress.


Having worked with top brands of the business, we have acquired most extreme experiences of how the client care could be custom fitted to the need of the customer in the most ideal way.


Alongside improving your English, we additionally accentuate on the general advancement of the competitor. Our IELTS/PTE preparing isn't simply restricted to scoring groups, however at Transformers Immigration, you will get the additional edge to brush yourself on the ideas of Personality advancement, functional execution of the correspondence and character abilities acquired, public talking and numerous different credits which one should be the top entertainer in his/her zone.

Alongside trainings, we additionally furnish our customers with the most straightforward counsel to anybody looking for Overseas Education and Immigration guidance. Our reasonable dealings, legit exhortation has won us numerous customers based on great confidence, and it is this straightforwardness which isolates us from the remainder of the specialist organizations.


What we are talented to do


Having shared our experience, we are essentially outfitted with the information, assets, enrolments, gifted labor that would deal with your case effortlessly. Our IELTS tutor has a tremendous degree of comprehension and compassion for the understudies. She enables her understudies with most extreme enthusiasm to assist them with accomplishing their fantasy about moving to their objective country by conferring skillful information about correspondence tips.

Our movement counsel is knowledgeable to help you for with the accompanying: Immigration and Overseas Education Services for Canada and Australia like;


Movement Services:-


ü  We are Canadian PR Experts and can assist with Express section interview and PNP measures. We work in Association with IRCC individuals who are there to direct you on each progression.


ü  Study visa for Australia, Canada and New Zealand.


ü  Tourist visa for Australia, Canada and NZ



ü  Spouse/Dependent visa for Australia and Canada


ü  Super visa or Parents visa for Canada


Abroad Education Services incorporate:-


ü  Suggestion on courses and universities relevant according to understudy's profile


ü  Applying for Offer letter


ü  Assisting for Study visa handling


ü  Case arrangements, documentation and record entries.


ü  Visa preparing and post visa direction.


ü  Guidance on pre landing imperatives.


IELTS Coaching and Mentoring:-


ü  Guidance for far off arrangements for IELTS test.


ü  Get online material and self improvement joins for IELTs self arrangement.


ü  IELTS tips through week by week distributed recordings on various modules.


ü  Personalized IELT coaching at moderate costs.


ü  Prepare from the one of a kind material provided food for person's prosperity.


ü  IELTS test booking.


You may likewise discover our tutoring and instructing style very not quite the same as the rest. Having said as much, we make certain to be sufficiently gifted to take you effectively towards your ideal objectives.




Quality is the thing that we look for and convey, and it must be done as such, when there is straightforwardness, truth and regard for each other's time and need. We see how essential your time, cash and trust speculation is; hence one thing is without a doubt, that you would consistently get the specific picture as it would stand valid actually. Benevolently consider our solicitation not to expect any flatters with regards to results. On the off chance that your case isn't qualified, we share it forthright and submissively. As far as we might be concerned, our significant wellspring of reference comes from those individuals who have been forthright and really been guided not to apply, else they may endure loss of time, cash and harmony. Subsequently trust being the most grounded column, you may consistently believe our recommendation to be honest, which would consistently be supported up by verifiable reasons. As it is stated, "A TRUTH is in every case in a way that is better than 100 LIES."




TIEC's main goal is 'to give the cleanest type of movement administrations and give such straightforward exhortation to its clients/customers, Professionals and understudies, so they might be set up to confront all the difficulties ahead in their course of way with our most extreme foresighted direction and plan for a wonderful future. Our central goal is to give all such movement related administrations at entirely moderate rates and most extreme effortlessness, which may enable numerous to satisfy their fantasy about working/examining and settling abroad.




TIEC tries to serve at any rate 10,000 customers in the following five years and plans to legitimately change the attitude of people looking for movement administrations and to help understudies and experts make progress in their abroad migration adventure.


We at "Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants", feel it as a duty towards the general public to change the existences of as numerous understudies conceivable as far as character, thinking and scholastically by giving them the correct arrangement of information, intelligent meetings and figuring out how to acquire achievement in IELTS/PTE tests and be some assistance in making their progress in whatever regions conceivable. We dream to assimilate a culture of language and correspondence among all people and competitors looking for help a lot to do as such, which may straightforwardly upgrade the quality and add importance to their life.




Qualities are those which characterizes a substance. Seeing the need of great importance, TIEC trusted in and has consistently stayed unblemished with its qualities while conveying administrations to people:


1.) RESPECT TIME: Be it yours or our own, time is a valuable and a significant resource for all. We comprehend that time once lost, can stay away for the indefinite future. Henceforth, to draw out the vast majority of your life, we save time by making it worth gathering us and telling you the correct method to approach, you won't need to sit around idly going somewhere else and face bogus goals.


2.) Transparency and Ethics: An old phrase has instructed us well overall: "A fact is superior to 100 untruths". Immovably an adherent of the said explanation, TIEC would consistently come clean with you about your application and will keep you far away from bogus or untruthful proclamations. All things considered, your time and hard brought in cash ought to be valuable to you toward the end.


3.) Trust and Building relationship: We generally accept that trust and confidence are the center ascribes of a dependable connection, and this what we generally esteem. The vast majority of our references come from sources or people whom we have legitimately guided not to apply according to their qualification factor and to get tricked by other unlawful specialists and offer a most ideal moral approach to direct their migration cycle.

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