Well, the very common issue we as humans face is the fear of EXAMS. Who isn’t afraid and scared? These feelings restrict us from giving our best and also limit our thought process. In several cases people Flummox and loose the ability to focus.

Learn how to subside the fear, anxiety and Nervousness in relation to IELTS –

Well, the very common issue we as humans face is the fear of EXAMS. Who isn’t afraid and scared? These feelings restrict us from giving our best and also limit our thought process. In several cases people Flummox and loose the ability to focus.

Let us talk about IELTS

There are umpteen doubts in the mind of people who are appearing for this exam. Many-a-times students show signs of fear and loss of confidence. The approaches towards such aspects have always been subtle and believe me counseling does help. It helps in inclining motivation and slowly these fears fade away in the mist of time.

Below are the common fears encircling IELTS exam: -

The W’s (What, When, Where, Why) and H (How) of IELTS


A  What if I don’t have enough ideas for speaking?

The phobia of not being able to generate ideas in IELTS exam is always popping up in the mind of a speaker. Speaking module is one where a person has to interact with the examiner and express ideas related to the topic in question. People get uncomfortable because there is little time to think and speak.

“What if they ask me a question and I freeze on spot?” To make this fear vanish, people should work on confidence building, interaction and practicing different types of topics on daily basis.

  • o       In a day, at least 3-4 topics of speaking should be done.
  • o   Take help of an expert or an IELTS trainer.
  • o   If self-practice is the goal, the best way is to stand in front of the mirror and speak on a random topic.

 You can be the best judge of yourself. “Believe me when I say this.”

  • o   Record your own speaking sessions as this is done in the final exam.
  • o   Listen to it and analyze the error in your speech.
  • o   Jot them down and make notes. Next time do not commit those errors.
  • o   “Practice makes perfect” is a true saying. Just implement the same.


What if I miss the Listening sections?

Listening module of IELTS is the most scoring of all the other three. The fears surrounding this one is lack of concentration, missing out on recording and misinterpreting the speaker speech. To make these fears vanish there is only one veracious term which is “self-confidence.”

  • o   Do not let fear take over your confidence.
  • o   Just solve more papers and also listen to various audios related to IELTS Listening module.
  • o   Try to make connection between the audio and the question paper at hand.
  • o   Repeat the audio if necessary.
  • o   Remember, this is just a practice session and not the final exam. Just relax, take a deep breathe and go for it.


What if I waste a lot of my precious time in READING and WRITING MODULE?

This issue is dealt by maximum IELTS test takers. In Reading and Writing module, the most quotidian/common fear is ‘not to finish the section within the designated time’. The most subtle way to deal with this phobia is to “take control and manage time”. The IELTS test takers are given three passages to solve within one hour which consist of 40 questions in total.

Well, we have definitely heard of the most famous strategy “Divide and conquer”. Interesting isn’t it? This is the best way to understand the concept of division.


Important tips for Reading and Writing module;

  • o   Divide the time at the start of the IELTS exam.
  • o   Solve the questions one-by-one and leave those that are not easy to locate. Attempt them at the end.
  • o   Move on to the next question; consider it to be a damage control.
  • o   Writing module has a unique strategy known as Brain Storming. This method will help the test taker to easily frame sentences as it will give some time to jot down the ideas. The best ideas can be picked and on the basis those essays can be attempted within the time span.

Eventually, I would like to say that we as humans are always afraid of the unknown and that creates plethora of fears in our mind. We are always inclined towards the comfort. Do not let these fears overpower the success waiting to be achieved.

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