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Have you ever wondered why over the last few years, people have started immigrating to Canada in big numbers? Let us try to dig out a few reasons for it. Who knows it might be yours too…

Have you ever wondered why over the last few years, people have started immigrating to Canada in big numbers? Let us try to dig out a few reasons for it. Who knows it might be yours too…


As per statistics, it has been found that more than 90% of people return from their jobs unsatisfied and unfulfilled. This directly affects their life in a plethora of series than one could ever think of. Many just do their jobs for the sake of meeting their monthly bills, some of them do their jobs because they are not aware of their own interests and passions. Some are stuck there by fate and never gather the courage to try something on their own because of the fear of losing their only livelihood. While others are so much deprived of confidence that they don’t dare to make or take the step needed to change their lives.


Honestly speaking, like you, even I have been a victim of all these and many other things.


This in turn affects the life of an individual to a much deep-rooted level. Some distort their relationships with their spouse and children. Some people feel disconnected from their own self, while others try to party hard on the weekends to just wash off the bad week they just breathed. But owing to their monotonous life circle, they are tied up to repeat the same mistake over and over again, without realizing that they are not living their lives, rather dragging it and spending it for the betterment of others, and not for themselves.



 We all know that fat paying cheques isn’t the only thing that we intrinsically look for in a job. There ought to be job security, a good work-life balance, respect, a thriving culture where one sees chances of growth, endless possibilities of learning, job enrichment, ethics, equality and constant improvement in self and the organization, etc are the values that everybody hopes and looks for when being a part of any company for employment


Sooner or later, everybody working in the service sector becomes a victim of something or the other. Many are stuck with jack-ass managers and leaders who misuse their positions to exploit others, mentally harass in name of company policy and compliance. The majority of employees are exploited by making them work for extended hours without any legitimate pay-outs, bound by contractual terms, risk of a bad word of mouth for their next employment, and many other factors that make a person sick to the core. There are many who would simply agree and admit that their managers are not worthy enough of the position they hold. I believe 60% of managerial positions in our country are filled by GOONS and not someone worthy of or may not be that educated enough. I had 5 such people in my previous organization, who were good for nothing and they are placed in AGM or GM positions, knowing nothing about the work. Such people are mere burdens on the entire team they are allotted, and their un-usefulness only backfires the lower-level employees, because these people are only good at bootlicking the upper management. Such undeserving people get hired when the HR system of the company is poor or they are from management’s reference.


The labor laws seem good only in printed form here and have rarely ever been useful for the good of any. The infinitesimal employee even sees that as a challenging task due to the overwhelming corruption level in the system and thus never considers approaching anyone for help. I personally once tried to raise my voice for injustice done to me by one of my ex-employers, but that is just hanging over in e-mails now. It has been over 5 years since I filed a case against an ex-employer for harassment and for an undue exist, but his influential money and connections seem to have played the system so far and nothing yet had been concluded so far.


Hence, in our country, the ill-legitimate, influential, unethical employers and their sick-minded management takes undue advantage of the prevalent not-so-good system and keep playing with the careers of many without realizing they are destroying not just one life, but others connected with them as well. The after-effects are too bad on one’s mind and make everlasting effects on a personality. Very few gather the courage to rise up and I am sure the rest get lost in the stream.



If people are so much depressed with their ongoing situations, then how come they gather thoughts of leaving their country? The absence of all the above-expected aspirations of an employee/person makes it a big reason for them to think not just of their candidature in a company, but of their status in the country itself.


Nobody ever thinks of immigrating just like that. There are many deeply rooted causes of the BIG MOVE that people think of immigrating to countries like Canada.





What shall be the upcoming scope of life? What about my family’s life and future? What about my kids and their education? How will they survive if I am not around anymore? What shall I do if I don’t want them to live the stressful life that I have been through? I want a peaceful life for them in the future, but how shall I make it possible? I want a corrupt-free environment for them, what should I look for?


Everybody would want their family members to live a peaceful and successful life. 

Read more on https://www.transformershub.co.in/view/why-migrate-to-canada/2055glk3349/


Having respect and care for another’s life is called HUMANITY, and that is what is imbibed in Canadian Culture. In Canada, a HUMAN LIFE is treated as the most valuable asset for its nation.

The government makes sure that every immigrant is treated with respect. As an outsider people are provided utmost support by the government and the people of the nation. It’s a great mix of diverse cultures, where people from all ethnicities reside and live peacefully together.




Your rights are very well respected as a resident. You feel supported by the government policies as you and your entire family are insured for a lifetime. For your kids, the government takes the responsibility by providing free education and even provides financial assistance to all families for raising their kids. This way they ensure that a working professional’s half-life burden is sorted. Many other support functions and organizations are there to help you in any way possible.

The crime rates are lower in Canada and the quality of life is at par. You get a clean environment around in parks and streets. The security system is very effective and anyone can roam around freely without risk for like. People don't have to struggle for the bare necessities of life, which even is a big challenge here.

As far as employment risks are concerned, the government even extends support for unemployment benefits for a certain period of time, so that you don’t have to worry about the basic necessities of life and supporting the families. You get the opportunity to work in a safe and well-controlled and regulated environment, where you are paid legitimately without any exploitation. Employers are under strict surveillance from government agencies and those who try to bypass the directions are very well taken care of by agencies. You have the perfect work-life benefits and freely enjoy all the perks the company culture has to offer to you. The weekends are yours to spend time with your family. No one can take that time away from you.

Nature all around has a lot more to offer. Go for lakeside activities, parks, gymnasium, games, leisure, malls, the beauty of Niagara falls, countryside tours, and a lot more things you can do to explore yourself and the country itself. The life index is one of the highest in Canada and it has gradually become one of the most demanded countries in the world today. People all over the globe want to be a part of Canadian culture because it VALUES LIFE. It knows that a country is known by its culture and the culture is built by its PEOPLE.

To know a bit more about the history of Canada, visit http://www.transformershub.co.in/view/about-canada/2055glk3346/

There are many more things to write. I myself am inclined towards immigrating to this country in the coming year or so because I feel it gives me a sense of security to be there. I know it would mean starting all over from scratch, but I believe it to be worth it. 

Immigration needs proper planning and above all a reason behind it. Don’t just immigrate because your neighbor or your cousin did. Immigrate for yourself. I have my own reasons to immigrate and seeing the current scenario I believe, this would even be the right fit for many alike.

We at Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants have been able to provide the best Canadian immigration services to people. Our cliental is not just limited to cities like Chandigarh, Mohali, or Panchkula, but we also cater and provide immigration assistance for Canada PR to people residing in Ambala, Delhi, Gurugram, Bangalore, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Pune, etc.

Our IELTS mentor is a BRITISH COUNCIL certified trainer, who has the rich industry experience and has taught more than 5000+ students and professionals to date.


Discuss with us, we are here to help and assist you to fulfil your dream of settling abroad. We have been a part of this industry since 2014 and have been more than 3 years assisting the general public in name of Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants. We have registered Immigration and Education Consultants based out in Panchkula, Haryana, who would be providing you with the complete guidance and support needed to make your dreams come true. We are experienced professionals, who aim to ease the process of Canadian immigration, right from imparting professional IELTS training, both online and offline, to visa stamping assistance to a country like Canada in a hassle-free manner. We work tirelessly and passionately round the clock to help our clients and have successfully been able to drive many positive results. Our utmost effort is to relieve you of your burden of planning and executing the process seamlessly and to be a partner in making you achieve your dream of immigrating abroad.


The upcoming times are certainly positive for immigrants seeking entry to Canada and this is the best time to go for it.

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