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Are you tired of not arriving at a conclusion whether this is the right time to start your
Canadian immigration process and not getting a clear picture?

Let me ease that for you. In my opinion: Yes, indeed it is the right time. Express Entry for Canada, the so-called fast track immigration process- has been very unpredictable in nature since its inception in 2015.There have been twists and turns in the process over the years which has made it difficult and unpredictable with the passage of time. Seeing the current immigration demand-supply ratio of a country like Canada, one must adopt a proactive approach for his/her process.  The time a candidate comes to know that they are one of the eligible candidates to apply; they should immediately make a thoughtful decision and give a kick start to their process. After all, it may take 6-12 months, more or less; time frame to get through the whole process, hence advantage should be taken by starting it as soon as possible.

After COVID-19 hit the globe, Canadian Immigration targets have seen an increase in the overall demand to fill the gap caused by the global lockdown. This has created an emergence in Canadian economy to remove the scarcity of unskilled, semi-skilled and skilled labour or skilled workers by increasing the number of immigrants required for the year 2021 and 2022, which makes it a pull market for the professionals around the globe.

Having sound knowledge about your process is really important and one must cross check any information they seek from consultants. One can always check cic.gc.ca website to ensure that he has been given genuine information and shall soon make a decision to start the immigration process.

Also, it has been noticed that the Canadian government has also increase the processing fees for Permanent residence process. The PR fee has risen to CAD $ 825, which was just CAD $ 550 per applicant. The RPRF fee saw an increase of CAD $10 rise in its fee, making it CAD $500 per applicant to be paid. A slight increase in ECA fee for Wes has also been observed, making it as an added punishment for those who delayed applying when the fees were lesser. Also the equivalency levels have also given a blow to many overseas master’s degrees counting it to be just a 1 yr PG Diploma, where candidate looses substantially 8 points on the education chart. Moreover, the rise in age also gives a drop of 5 points in the CRS score every year. Even the IELTS exam fee has increased twice in the past two years. 

Hence, if we see an overall picture of the scenario, Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants suggests that delaying the process at any time puts a candidate in a disadvantageous position in terms of rules, competition, CRS score, pricing and time factor. Therefore, a timely action is the right solution for it.

We would be happy to assist and guide you through your Canadian Immigration process. We understand how important your time, effort and money is, hence will give you a thoughtful feedback ensuring your success.

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