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GOOD NEWS for Permanent Residence applicants and International Students:
A new mandate letter has been issued by the Prime Minister of Canada to its cabinet minister

GOOD NEWS for Permanent Residence applicants and International Students:

A new mandate letter has been issued by the Prime Minister of Canada to its cabinet minister.

  • Issued on 16th December, it has been ordered that the IRCC will now act with urgency to provide resettlement opportunities to people under threat, including Afghan citizens and human rights defenders. Also they have been advised to strengthen family reunification and reduce application processing times, especially the ones impacted by COVID-19.
  • Canada will facilitate the safe passage and resettlement of vulnerable people from Afghanistan while emphasizing on individuals who supported Canada.
  • In order to realize these objectives it is expected that the IRCC will continue to bring new comers to Canada to drive economic growth as per 2021-2023 Immigration plan..
  • Major emphasis will be to reduce the processing times, including addressing delays that have been impacted by COVID-19.
  • The team will work to strengthen the family reunification by introducing electronic application for family reunification and implementing a program to issue temporary resident status to spouses and children abroad while they wait for the processing of their permanent residence application.
  • Canada now has Made the citizenship application process free for permanent residents who have maintained the eligibility for it.
  • Global talent stream is a work-permit program with some occupations in demand with 2 weeks processing and now the IRCC may probably set up an employer hotline and to simply the work permit processes.
  • To build on existing pilot programs who are contributing to Canadian communities.
  • Expanding pathways to permanent residence for international students and temporary foreign workers through express entry system and various provincial nomination programs.
  • More investment is being put in as budgeting to improve the effectiveness of processing the cases. Roughly 85 million dollars will be allotted for the processes to improve and remove backlogs.
  • RNIP and AIPP are pilot programs that will se more working from 2021 onwards and along with it, Canada is adding new Municipal level nominee programs as well, which will be be given importance as well.
  • There are many other points but the main thing to consider is that the processing times of the permanent residence cases will be taken in due consideration so that more and more candidates from overseas become permanent residents as immigration is the main backbone of Canada’s economy in meeting the semi skilled labor demand-supply requirements.

It is very much clear that the upcoming year will certainly be a boom in terms of immigration numbers and all those people waiting for their chance to become Canadian permanent residence will now be a reality soon.

Hence, it’s imperative for people to start their journey well in advance so that they are eligible for the Invitation to Apply at the right time considering the Tie-Breaking rule being applied in every rounds of invitation

Hence, applying for Permanent residence at the earliest would really save your time and energy.

Transformers Immigration and Education consultants wishes everyone good wishes and luck for their immigration journey!

Happy immigration to you!


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