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If you are applying or planning to apply for Canada permanent residence process, study visa process, or for any immigration process based on your need, then this article can be a lifesaver for you.

“Never give up on a dream because of the time it will take to accomplish it..  the time will pass anyway”.—says Earl Nightingale.

Welcome and today’s topic is HOW TO IMMIGRATE SAFELY. as a Permanent Residence of Canada.

In our previous episode, we shared 5 tips on How to immigrate safely for people who are planning to apply for Canada permanent residence or studying abroad. We discussed how important is Self-awareness, Staying away from 100% guarantees, not quitting your jobs, being proactive and the role of planning and execution. In this article/video, we discuss 5 more points that need your utmost attention and we hope it may bring some sense of purpose for aspiring immigrants hoping to settle abroad in the near times to come                                                                                    

Below you will come across various roadblocks or problems that people generally face during their immigration process and we have mentioned some very useful tips which will ensure your success in the immigration process

1.)    Most common roadblock which people face is “wrong advice” or “unethical suggestions on documentation”. What do you have to say in this regard?

Answer: We highly recommend to Stay away from forging documents:

Now this is something that is a ‘BIG NO’ on the IMMIGRATION AUTHORITIES LIST... Forging just for the sake of immigrating, doesn’t sound good and ethical. Neither will it be welcoming, if found... There might be suggestions from people who might have done it and got through, but try to ignore such advice because if you aren’t lucky like your friend out there and get caught, you will be blacklisted for a good number of years and then you might see your dream crashing all the way down...

Above all; Embassy conducts verifications at unknown levels. You never know when your cover gets blown up. So, Don’t do it. Just proceed ethically...


2.)    We have seen people asking for a shortcut or as people say here. Koi to JUGAAD Hoga?

Answer: Well, when someone says this to us, we simply fold our hands and say. “Please spare us from this. We can only tell and guide what is legit”...

Well, that is something all should say....

See, trying to find out shortcuts or JUGAAD in immigration can be very risky.

We all have a tendency to find a shorter way to our destination because somehow we have become accustomed to speed, faster results, be it costly...You might have come across several news wherein people get stuck in a ransom where parents were forced to pay hefty amounts to get their children released. Or people losing their hard-earned money and getting trapped in a false process altogether... So, if you can’t go through the yearly process, don’t try to hunt something faster…

                                                                                                            GARY BUSEY said: “IF YOU TAKE SHORTCUTS, YOU GET CUT SHORT”-

                                                                                We simply mean, following the process is still the best way to get ahead.


3.)    How can one Research job prospects if immigrating to Canada? Should people take help from agents to know relevant info or related links to ensure?

Answer: Considering this is very important guys... Simply immigrating because you are eligible, isn’t enough reason to just migrate to a country like Canada or Australia. Make sure that you discuss the job and settlement prospects in the destination country with your agents. We hope that you know for a fact that foreign employers won’t just hire immigrants until they land, but at least some groundwork should have been done while the process is in progress or before it, so that you know what and how things will go after you land in the destination... If you are immigrating to a country like Canada, it’s better to research on:

a)      The wages,

b)      Job vacancies

c)       Try to network.

d)      Find out some references if possible.

e)      Find out the cost of living in the destination city where you plan to settle.

f)       Dig out on the transportation costs.

g)      Check the websites and find out any govt aid and services being offered. And trust me, the Canadian govt is quite good at it. They have a good support system for every citizen as well as immigrants to ensure their well-being and employability.

h)      Work on skills that might be most required for you to be a top priority of an employer in your sector out there.


We personally do this with my clients and help them bridge this gap by giving them career planning sessions on the job market requirements.


4.)    Many people say; they will migrate when their friends do. Or people wait for others to make decisions for them. Do you think this thing works?


Answer: Don’t copy others at all: decide for yourself. Be clear about why You want to immigrate. Never depend on anyone else to tell you when you should do it. Who knows, whether the one guiding you, really has good intentions for you or not. We have seen people who won’t migrate themselves and neither would let the other person do it by giving XYZ reasons for it. Some people just don’t use their minds and agree, which is the saddest case for many people. We have recently made a podcast episode on the Reality check..I would suggest my listeners to go and listen to it. Click on the link https://youtu.be/YXDI4zNY4Cw

Immigration means different for different people. FIND YOUR OWN CAUSE AND take your own stand on it.


5.)   Next point is: Since financials form an important part of immigrating, what things to take care of in terms of financial planning for it and how imperative is it..?

The next point is: Since financials form an important part of immigrating, what things to take care of in terms of financial planning for it and how imperative is it..

Answer: Financials form the basis of any activity... One obviously has fees to pay to the consultants, to the embassy and even funds are required depending on the family size. For example; If somebody is going on a Permanent Residence, they would need approx CAD $ 13500 funds in their bank account applying as a single candidate. This would increase by some proportion when there is an addition of family members in the process... Hence your financial analysis is very important. For study visas, it’s different as per different countries’ rules.

So... Assess your life first before thinking about immigrating. Think-Will it be a viable process? And if yes, plan upon it. Funds need to be at least 3 months old at the time of submission for Canada and there are other arrangements like gift money sources, etc which are legitimate ways to provide financial documentation… But, don’t sell your only valuables unless sure of the outcome.


We will share a separate article and also upload a specific episode for a better understanding for sure.

So, these were some useful tips and advice. We hope they will definitely help our readers to make a conscious decision about their immigration process. If anyone has any questions, one can always leave us an email or call us at the below-mentioned details.

                                                                                        “Don’t hesitate during the process, be patient as the process takes its own time.”

If you have any questions or want to discuss your profile with us for an understanding, please feel free to approach us at rishabh.sood2014@gmail.come or call us at 9646377443/7986456174. You can find us on social media platforms with the name Transformers Immigration and Education Consultants.

We provide career counseling, immigration advice, provide assistance for basic profile assessment for immigration and overseas studies in Canada and also provide Online/Offline IELTS coaching. Our trainer is a BRITISH COUNCIL CERTIFIED IELTS TRAINER.

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Stay tuned for more topics and we hope to serve you well.

Happy Immigration to you.

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